Friday, December 02, 2005

One more Warnie...

Adrian wants nomination for a last Warnie of 2005

Here's my nominations:

1. Paul Huxley - Rock Badger.
Paul is one of the guys I disciple so I'm inherently biased here... but the reason to award him is that he's consistently writing about God's grace. And that's good enough for me. Recently he's contributed to the charismatic debate, and previously blogged some quality interactions on calvinism.

2. Rosermary Grier - Etrangere.
Rosemary is another grace-blogger. An ex-Relay worker she's now on the missionfield in Belgium. Her insights are wonderfully inspiring and Biblical. Rosemary is well read and thoughtful and as she experiences being a stranger in a foreign land that adds further depth.

3. Ant Adams - Homeward Bound.
Ant is a pastor in Derby and writes some top-class stuff that is worthy of much attention. Writing quality stuff on the Bible, on doctrine... on life.

New on the scene, and contenders for 2006... keep an eye on these:
Nathan Burley is full of quality insight from interesting angles. Ceryn Oakes blogs with firey welsh gospel-driven passion... And, if he ever starts blogging again Maurice McCraken is always good to read.