Friday, December 02, 2005

Not to us

December 3rd, 2005.
UCCF: The Christian Unions, South East.
Regional Worship Leaders & Musicians Training Day
at Winchester Family Church.
Prayer appreciated for us in this,
and particularly for Nay Dawson and myself who are speaking.

UPDATE: - 18 students from across the region came. Very humbling cos I didn't expect that many. Praise God! What a miserable wretch I can be...
Thanks to Winchester Family Church for use of their building. And thanks to the students too!!

Not to us 1 - Sing of the Cross
Not to us 2 - Stand beside the Cross (humility)
These talks plus Nay's seminar notes should go up on the UCCF South East website soon.


  1. Hi Dave,

    Thanks so much for those talks. Really great. A superb corrective against the cancer of individualism that invades even our corporate worship. And as well, some clear thinking that the 'glory of the Lord' is not simply an experience to be had (although we shouldn't discount experience and feeling) but a Saviour to be seen!

    I couldn't help thinking though, when I read your quote from Ryan Jones..
    "the Cross of Christ, this is where it all starts and ends.”
    What about the resurrection? Now, do not misunderstand me. Of course it is absolutely right to glory in the cross of our redeemer were our sin was paid for and salvation secured. Yet Christ is risen! We worship a crucified AND risen Lord, whose resurrection was the "first fruits" of the new creation, for which Jesus endured the cross. To say that that at the cross of Christ it all "starts and ends" seems to me unbalanced and pulling apart what God has joined together.

  2. Of course in speaking of the Centrality of the Cross that is not as to neglect the resurrection. The two can never be separated. No resurrection, no cross... No cross, no resurrection. As we delight in our life in Christ, because of his cross, we always remember resurrection also.