Friday, December 09, 2005

The Cross-Centred Community

Galatians 6, Talk at Reading University Christian Union

“Hill Valley – A Nice Place to Live” Some of you weren't even born when it came out but nonetheless its my favourite film trilogy. Back to the future. As Marty and the Doc travel between times they encounter two versions of their town in 1985... one is a nice place to live, the other kinda looks similar but is more like Hell Valley than Hill Valley.

Where would you rather live? The world thinks of church as the last place on earth it would want to be... and yet God's vision is the church as the hope of the world... The best place to live.

Bonhoeffer said that the idea of Christian community is great, the experience is hard... I wonder what your experience is?

End of term. How have you found being part of the community of the Christian Union as a mission team? Are you committed to relationship with one local church? Or are to standing on the sidelines, dating church, dating the CU...

Maybe you've embrace and enjoyed Christian community? Maybe you've found it really painful. People are strange creatures and community is hard. We can stand outside and watch, or we can dive in and get involved.

It happens with Britain and the EU. We talk about it as “out there”. The EU out to get us... opposed to us. But we are the EU. Its not out there its here. Its the same for church and CU as community. Its not some conspiring thing out there... it is this. Us. You and me....

Read the rest of the script... .The Cross Centred Commmunity

Update: Rob Wilkerson is talking about the Gospel and Criticism - good further reading.