Thursday, December 15, 2005

Are we safe from ourselves?

At the weekend I watched what will probably rate as my best film of the year (to be announced in the next week or so). Paul Haggis' CRASH. Its a magnolia-esque twisting tale of interconnected lives (minus the offense of Tom Cruise). Sandra Bullock comments on the dvd that in the wake of 9/11 this film poses the question not of whether we're safe from the world out there, but are we safe from ourselves. We're given the stories of heroes and villans, how become villans and heroes. There are twists and turns that will shock and surprise.

And that brings me to what I've spent the last three days studying with our team in Southampton. John Risbridger has taught us from Judges. A book of heroes and villans, and villans and heroes. A book that exposes our own folly... we are no better than them really... we are not safe from ourselves. How we, like Israel, need a perfect rescuer. The world of Judges cries out from over 3000 years ago the same thing. The world of Crash cries out for redemption.


  1. Saw it at the cinema a little while ago and came out feeling quite worse for wear with all the emotional twists and turns.

    It really does point to man's thorough sinfulness though and it's quite clear that it doesn't matter who you are, or how good you think you are, we are all sinners in need of a saviour.

  2. ... rather than great potentials for good gone a little wrong needing light to show us the way. As the Superman trailer would have it.

  3. I was sat next to ex-Relay Homestarter Phil Rout and the Superman trailer really was horrible. The prospect of ever watching that would be a real "worse for wear" experience.

    I imagine the emotional intensity of Crash is heightened on the big screen.