Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Tomorrow: December 1st - I speak at, Bath University Christian Union - which was the CU I was part of as a student. The last time I was there was for a misison 2.5 years ago (which was where i met Becci). I've never spoken there. I shouldn't make too much of it, but I just feel a bit wierd. Last time I was in the lecture theatre they're meeting in was for a Chaos Theory lecture in May 2000 and that is a lot of life ago. Looking forward to seeing Matt, Damo, Pet, Adam, Paul and others who are still studying there! And that's wierd. As is Paul being back on the CU committee in 2005, since he and I were on committee together in 1998.... Strange world.

This Friday: My Young Person's Railcard expires. The first ever journey was to Loughborough Uni for an interview in December 1996. A week earlier I had my interview at Bath... and a month after I went to Warwick (which I then returned to last month for the first time since that, to speak at the CU). I suppose that makes me officially quite old, and means I have to pay full fare for the next 40 or so years... If my scanner or digicamera worked I'd scare you by posting my first YP photocard or my first NUS card... I think I've aged quite a bit in the last decade! Anyhows tt is kinda nice that my last use of a YP Railcard it is to go to Bath... but maybe I'm just over sentimental.


  1. Do you knnow Jonny Umpleby and Anneli from Warwick? (Jonny's now on Relay).


  2. Yes.
    Bulgaria team with Anneli.
    Jonny was in my Forum fellowship group a couple of years back. And now I know him through Relay training.

  3. Yes I often think as the point when I loose my Young Persons Railcard as a huge marker of when you are expected by everyone to be financially self-sufficient and secure. That is coming all to fast.

    I went to Poland with a few people from Bath with Skully. Hmm who can I remember.

    very bubbly Kat Tweedle
    Tubular Bells loving Adam (passionate about digging into the word, especially with Mike Oldfield in the background).
    John Stark (with whom we did a sketch with him acting like Churchill the car insurance dog).
    Becky (not the one you mention, I think that was her name) from Grimsby.
    Plus I think it was another Dave (very interested in 6 days of Genesis - lots of discussions with him)

    I wonder if you know any of them. I never kept in touch really but they were great people and it was a great time.

  4. hey bish the bluefish

    my railcard ran out the other week too. bummer.

    i think you have so many blogsites that i feel dizzy. but hello anyway, i guess you'll read this eventually.

    nice poetry and lyrics by the way. i'v got a poem on my blog too although it's probably not as deep and meaningful.

    enough spraffing for now. lay-ur

  5. I know Jonny Umpleby. He has a silly hat and is asleep 3 feet away through the wall in front of me.


  6. Ed - yes, thank you.
    Dave, yeah I know Kat.
    Curt, thanks.