Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Remember the Spirit-Breathed Word...

As I've said already we could argue for eternity about the charismatic debate - the best place to speak from is what the Bible actually says. If we argue from experience we almost inevitably start to compare the best of ourselves with the worst of other people. And that is never good for the body. (See also, some helpful comment from Rob Wilkerson - The Effect of the Gospel on How We Perceive Others - Rob's Blog is so helpful, consistently gospel-centred.)

With a mind to personal study of scripture on this, here are some sermons from John Piper on relevant passages. I've not read all of these yet, so this post is partly a reference tool for me... I don't know if I agree with them or not... be Berean and search the scriptures! The Spirit-breathed Word of God.
For what its worth, my second talk for University of Surrey Christian Union weekend away deals with some related issues - The Ministry of the Spirit - 2 Corinthians 3v7-4v7.


  1. It is difficult not to involve experience as, although the bible is normative, if you agree that Tongues/Prophecy etc were meant to continue beyond the Apostolic Age the next question is always going to be is whether what we experience in x church is actually what Paul and Luke were talking about or something else.

    Although I am convinced that there is no hint that the early church considered that these gifts were to cease I do not think that I am alone in considering that some of what I have met under the banner seems really deficient (although there is much which is not which would point the other way).

    Experience must then have a vital place... although I am not certain exactly what place.

    Another factor in the debate that lies beneath the surface is a still harboured post-enlightenment suspision of anything overtly super-natural, as well as a fear of something that you cannot control (by interpreting away). This is a disease I cannot seem to shake, and I do not think I am alone.

    Lord renew my mind.

  2. Yeah, ultimately the whole debate is about experience - whether cessation is our experience or charismata... and thats before we even get to JOY...