Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Ooo pick me!!

I recently read an editoral that cited Isaiah 42v1 as a common baptismal verse and applied it to all Christians:
Behold my servant whom I uphold,
My chosen, in whom my soul delights,
I have put my Spirit upon hum
He will bring forth justice to the nations
I can see the appeal! And yet I feel uneasy. These words from the introduction to GOD IS THE GOSPEL explain why:
"Most modern people can scarcely imagine an alternative understanding of feeling love other than feeling made much of. If you don't make much of me you are not loving me" - p12
And its exactly what was done of Isaiah 42v1. Taking God's word and making it all about me. We woudln't do it to Isaiah 53, and yet the same servant is in view. This is not about me. This is about Jesus. And how great a hope to behold when Isaiah 42v1 is applied to him!

Jesus whom the LORD upholds.
Jesus in whom God delights.
Jesus the Spirit-annointed king.
Jesus the bringer of God's justice.

In him what hope for a wretch like me. That in him I too know the Father's delight. In him the Father's justice is not the threat of death, but the boundless joy of justification. This is the LORD's servant, punished in my place by the LORD's will. It's not about me, its about Jesus. Hallelujah, what a Saviour!

(In Christ we are upheld, delighted in, Spirit-annointed, and are heralds of God's justice - but this isn't what Isaiah 42v1 says.)