Saturday, November 26, 2005

Martyn Joseph. High Wycombe

The last time we saw Martyn Joseph was at the South Street Arts Centre in Reading about 2.5 years ago. Tonight it was a real pleasure to fly with Joseph Airlines, discovering his new album - Deep Blue - and becoming acquainted with Paul Robeson. Add to that a whole host of old classics and the company of a good friend, top notch evening - even in damp, cold, christmasy High Wick-Om-Bee. Martyn is quality on CD, and unbeatable performing live.


  1. Martyn Joseph is great live! Seen him a few times. Always thought provoking as well, even (or especially) if you don't agree with him.
    '...I'm a liberal backslider...'
    ahem, sorry.

  2. The best line of the night was him singing "gonna take me a tv-evangelist and punch him in the face...."

    Tee-total Martyn doesn't really pass for a liberal backslider methinks. Some genius exposure of the worst of the church.... even if i'd not want to go quite where he takes it.

  3. Thank you for educating me with that Paul Robson link - I've been enjoying his *amazing* voice since my Mum introduced me to him (not in person obviously - that'd be Wrong) a couple of years ago, but didn't know anything about him. I skip the 'It aint necessarily so' track on the CD I have but otherwise :)

  4. when a few of us from my previous church went to see him in Luton a few years back, we were all humming liberal backslider on the Sunday morning, and wondering whether it might make it into the service that day. It didn't though.
    Liked the alternative version he was doing a couple of years later for the kids, whose parents had chastised him for leading their kids astray...
    'I'm a little black spider...'

    I think out of all of them 'He never said' must remain a favourite for me.

    I must go and put it on... now where is that CD....

  5. Yes, he is amazing. I personally like the stuff where he draws pictures of british domestic life or tells the stories of ordinary people.