Tuesday, November 29, 2005


"Every prophecy shared and song sung should be directing the congregations eyes to the Cross of Christ, this is where it all starts and ends." - Ryan Jones


  1. Hey Man,

    Sorry I didn't get a chance to speak to you last night, but I just thought I'd congratulate you on getting a permalink on Tallskinnykiwi.com. Nice one! Keep doing the good stuff you're doing here man, bless up.

  2. Is there a biblical basis for this quote?

    I agree that the prophecy should direct someone towards the cross, but it might not be apparent that this is what is happening. There is no requirement in scripture for God to explain his workings to us, nor does he give us rules and principles for prophecy that we can tick when we hear it. Some of the most powerful prophecy in the bible would not pass this test, if it were enforced in anything but the loosest sense possible.


  3. Given all scripture points to Christ - and that Christ's coming was about his death I'd think that everything is cross-centred...

    This as Paul says is our only boast... we pray, only because the cross grants us access, we read scripture only because the cross ensures our eyes open, we have fellowship only because the cross unites us, we grow only because by way of the cross we recieve the holy spirit to transform us...

    True prophecy will surely humbly point us again to our saviour and his act of salvtion, namely the cross...

  4. About your title ... someone I knew, when she was a child, heard the hymn "Gladly a cross I'd bear" and thought it was about a cross-eyed bear.

    Take care & God bless