Wednesday, November 30, 2005

church in Christ

Spent this morning with most of our church preaching team working through Ephesians, led by Graham Beynon. It was great to dig into the text together. I have so much to learn from the other guys on the team. Great also to see the very high value of the church in God's purposes. A people for the praise of His glory! God's purpose to set Christ over all with the church in Christ. Done and to be done! A corporate and cosmic plan that spans eternity... no room for an individualistic plan-B type of salvation. This is big. Really looking forward to the impact this could have in the Spring term. Really challenging to see whether we bear any resemblance to this - and what might we need to change...
"the idea of Christian Community is great, the experience is hard." - Bonhoeffer
Graham has a book published by IVP called God's New Community - Today was the first time I'd met Graham... which was a bit wierd cos I know his identical twin brother already.
Trivia - "in Christ" occurs 34 times in six chapters of Ephesians... quite important then!!
...had to leave early to catch a train to our regional UCCF South East team prayer afternoon which was really great. So encouraging to hear what God is doing round the region, even through weak people like us and the students we work with. Today also hopefully marked the birth of Thames Valley University, Reading, Christian Union. I couldn't make the meeting but here's trusting God that it went well.