Saturday, October 08, 2005

Songbird without a song

I have lost my voice and i want the whole world to think and appreciate the small things in life! Like being able to speak...communicate and express yourself verbally... We take so much for granted and when we lose something, we begin to appreciate it more. Thank you Lord for small mercies...


  1. I'm with you on appreciating the ability to communicate through losing it Dave! Or rather, translocate yourself into another country, and you find you haven't necessarily lost the ability to communicate, but you have lost the ability to communicate intelligently while retaining pride in your communication. (And thereby does God not only change me to his glory but at the same time glorifies himself in my weakness. Eh he's good at that.)

  2. Wasn't me who lost my voice... but my guest-blogger

  3. She must have been a victim of the ironies of life. Losing a voice is tough, but a great voice is even tougher. Lemon will be a good cure or maybe ginger. Still, the best way is to avoid to much straining of the throat.