Monday, October 10, 2005

Political Questions

Two political stories chipping further away against the "christian" roots of the country. I'm no believer in this ever having been a christian country, nor in the real benefits of imposing "christian" laws on people.

Legalism is no good for believers, how can it be any good for non-christians, other than making them think that Jesus Christ wants to restrict them. Hearing people speak in favour of these bills on the radio they're clearly wanting to move away from Christianity. And yet the Christian gospel is all about freedom and life, grace and hope.... something people don't seem to understand.

Meanwhile people still make moral arguements for these new laws - though unable to give any grounds for those things when they're stepping out of a supposed judeo-christian framework. The Bible tells me that human thinking gets depraved and twisted. I think that's what I heard in action today.

I have questions...
Should Christians be seeking to spare society from applying its non-christian worldviews? Should we just point out to people the implications of the road they're going down? When life is so cheapened why do people still care about being a burden or sparing others pain? Did the early church try to stop sinners from sinning? Should we simply get about the business of preaching the gospel into our society? Do we do better to win hearts to the value of life, by beliving in Jesus, rather than fighting against the law? What will I do if the law decides that speaking about Jesus constitutes religious hatred? Will I go to prison?

Some articles that prompted me to write...

Euthanasia Bill
Euthanasia debate moves to Lords; BBC News - October 10 2005
We don't need this law: Peter Saunders; Christian Medical Fellowship - October 7 2005

Religious Hatred Bill
Enthusiasm fades for hatred bill; BBC News - July 17 2005