Monday, October 17, 2005

Grace on the road: Part 2 of 7

Part 1: Eternal Life comes by Knowing Jesus

Part 2: Eternal life comes to those who ask, not those who act:

Journeys on the road to Jerusalem with Jesus, walking through Luke 9v51-19v27. Once again some really familiar content, once again too much to consider everything....

1-13. Jesus is talking about prayer but more is in view. Jesus is again spelling out what it means to have eternal life - as in the previous section. The portion of the Lord’s prayer here is a thoroughly God-dependent prayer…. For God’s name to be honoured… God’s kingdom to come… for God to provide… for God to forgive… And Jesus assures us that God will answer. A friend would respond in time. God will certainly respond, and give good gifts. In fact – if we ask our Father he will give us the Holy Spirit.

This is the second of four Holy Spirit references. In 10v21 Jesus’ rejoiced in the Spirit, and in 12v10 is the warning against blaspheming the Spirit, and 12v12 assurance that the Spirit will give us the Words to say. Having the Holy Spirit, in Luke’s writings, is the same as knowing Jesus. So when Jesus says – ask and you’ll get the Holy Spirit he is talking about getting eternal life. When he says denying the Spirit is deadly – its an eternal life issue. And when he says the Spirit will give you the words to say – it’s because you know Jesus. ASK!

14-36. This next section has to do with wrong religion. After this Jesus will teach about true religion. The people do two things. First they say Jesus works by the devils power. Second they say that he should provide a sign for them.
To the first Jesus shows the folly of this. Satan wouldn’t turn on satan…. And besides Jesus is only doing what they do. God’s kingdom is coming to them. One woman misses the point entirely in v28-28. She says “Blessed is the womb that bore you, and the breasts at which you nursed”. Jesus silences her: No! Blessed are those who hear the word of God and keep it. Don’t worship his mother. Hear Jesus and respond.
This takes us to the second issue. Jesus teaches the Sign of Jonah. This is his standard response to those who seek signs. And it is terrific! Their sign seeking shows how evil they are. Evil Nineveh – had only the Sign of Jonah… they have the Son of Man who is greater than Jonah. The Queen of the South came to Solomon… they have the Son of Man, wiser than Solomon. Nineveh and the Queen of the South judge them for their sign-seeking. Those people repented when they saw the work of God. Forget your sign seeking. REPENT! Ask Jesus for life!

37-12. True religion. We find Jesus at dinner with the religious. They take offense at him, and he pronounces great woes upon them. Woe to them for their hypocrisy – clean on the outside only. Woe to them for their religion misses the point. Woe to them for leading others into sin (44 – unmarked graves, defile those who walk over them). Woe to them for burdening others… prophet killers, opponents of God. Do they repent? No, 54, they try to catch him out and trap him. But… the truth will be revealed (2). Don’t fear men however, fear God! God has the power to give and take life, not men. Fear God. Trust God. Don’t speak against God (9), but acknowledge him (8), he will sustain you and teach you (12).

Authentic Spirituality doesn’t have to defend itself, it admits sin and asks Jesus for Life! God will give forgiveness of sin. Authentic Christians are not “hypocritical saints”, they are “forgiven sinners”. DON'T ACT! JUST ASK!


If we asked people we know, “what kind of
people are “spiritual”?” what answers might we

11v1-13 Ask!
What are the priorities of the prayer in v1-4?
What is the point Jesus makes in v9-10?
(Illustrated in v5-8)
To receive the Holy Spirit, in Luke, is the same as
to receive life/Jesus. What does v11-13 show us
about how to get eternal life? (fitting with 10v21-42)

11v14-12v12 Don't Act
v14-16, what two ways do the Jews attack Jesus?
17-28, how does Jesus respond to the 1st attack?
29-36, how does Jesus respond to the 2nd attack?

What does Jesus criticize the Pharisees for in 39-44?
What is wrong with these things? How are the Pharisees
What does Jesus mean when he says everything will be
made known – v2-3? When?
Who should be feared by Jesus’ disciples? V4-8 Why?
What does fear involve? V8-12
What will it mean to acknowledge Jesus?

How do you get eternal life?
What stops people from getting eternal life?
What ways might we be pursuing “false religion”?
How might we fear people rather than God?
How will we develop true religion in our lives?

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