Tuesday, October 11, 2005

G.A.M.E.S with Calvin

Paul Huxley is blogging some quality stuff on calvinism. Worth reading. Meanwhile on my way home from supervising my Relay workers today, I had a think about things as I understand them. Try this for size:

G - God always acts for God's glory.... so should I.
A - Abundant grace because of the Cross... to save and keep me.
M - Maximum joy is found in God... so seek joy not sin.
E - Election implies evangelism... no one has a good excuse not to believe.
S - Suffering is normal for now... so don't seek your own comfort.

Probably not comprehensive but they're things exciting me today :)
Also v.excited to see from Galatians 3v15-25 that we're not under law, and were never under law! More on that later.


  1. Hey Bish - I don't understand point E - plese could you expand?

  2. Sure, may right a whole post on this but here's a starter...

    So, people are chosen before time.
    Therefore: I can look at even the most hostile crowd of non-Christians and validly believe that some if not all of them can become Christians.

    In fact since its before time none of them however hostile can give me a good reason in and of themselevs why not to believe - because it's not about anything in them, their personality, their experience, their spirituality - but in God's choice. (The only reason they have is that they refuse to believe... which is a stupid reason to reject Jesus)

    Many use election to stop evangelism, I think it gives us hope in a world that looks like its marching en masse, unstoppably into hell.

    I think I got this from Piper, and it blew my mind.

  3. Where is God when election happens?