Sunday, October 09, 2005

Galatians 1v1-3v15 (Questions)

Here's my study questions on Galatians 1v1-3v1 (three studies). These are freshly written for this year, somewhere on site are probably some earlier studies I wrote last year.... I'm astounded again to see the freedom we have in Christ, to see the value of the Cross and God's revelation of the gospel.

Galatians 1.

God's Gospel
What has God done? (3-5)
Why has God done this?
How do we feel in response to this?
How might we try to save or keep ourselves?
How does our response to it relate to God's glory?

God's approval
What accusation is Paul countering here? (6-10)
Why might Paul be accused of trying to win approval?
How might we seek to win approval?
What if we were rejected?

God's Revelation
What is the source of the gospel? (11-24)
Why would Paul want his readers to know this?
How will we keep God's revelation central to our lives, and our ministry with students?
What might distract us from this?

Galatians 2v1-3v1 “The Cross-Centred Life”

1-10 United in the gospel
Why did Paul go to Jerusalem?
What does he expect?
What happens?

11-14 Conflict over the gospel
What does Peter do & why?
Why does Paul oppose him?

15-21 The Meat of the Issue
How does a person get justified?
What if we're found to be sinners?
What if we rebuild law? Where is our life now?
What has Jesus done? What if we return to law?

So, 3v1
Why does Paul tell the story of 2v1-21?
How does this help us to respond to the presence of sin?
How does it help us examine our lives for legalism?
How does it help us view the importance of the cross?
How can we develop a life that say the cross is big, not meaningless?

Galatians 3v1-14

v1-9 “O You Dear Idiots of Galatia...” (JB Phillips)

v1-5 What is Paul's point in these verses?
How does he defend that from the Galatians experience?

v6-9 What is Paul's point in these verses?
How does he use scripture to argue that? (Gen 15v6, 12v3)

Summarise the content of the gospel:
Summarise the offer of the gospel:
Summarise the requirements of the gospel:

v10-14 “Justified before God”

Paul's focus is on being “Justified before God”

v10 What are the affects of being under the law?
How is this defended from scripture? (Deut 27v26)
V11 What does the law not do?
How is this defended from scripture? (Hab 2v4)
V12 How does the law work?
How is this defended from scripture? (Lev 18v5)
v13 What has Christ dones?
How is this defended from scripture? (Deut 21v23)
v14 What are the affects of this?
What is the “blessing of Abraham”?

Why do you think Paul is so rigorously backing up his teaching about justification from the Scriptures? - He's used six citations in just eight verses... is he just proof texting? (Consider how those he is refuting would have argued their case)

Summarise how a man is justified:
Summarise what it looks like to have been justified: