Monday, September 12, 2005

South Central MTC

Something our church is involved in...
South Central Ministry Training Course.
Bible teachers who rightly handle the Word of God are essential in today’s Church. Within the congregation, home group, children’s club, youth group and amongst the elderly – indeed wherever the Bible is taught – we need people who can teach God’s Word in the power of the Spirit.

Biblical Theology, Doctrine, Bible Books, Practical Ministry... my only hope is that it also includes stuff on keeping spiritually alive... that it is APPLIED. There's more to ministry than understanding and skills.... My involvement with our RELAY discipleship training programme has shown me that. Above all we teach grace, grace and more grace... working hard to see God's grace applied to all of life. Sure there is doctrine to explain. Sure there are practical skills to learn. We need training. And we need it applied to life in Christ.

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