Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Notes from a Circus Tent

Ed is writing up his notes from Terry Virgo's superb talks on Romans Ed's Fallible Thoughts

Meanwhile, time to confess that I bought theguardian today. Mostly out of curiosity (normally I prefer the times...). I do like the new berliner size, I like the paper quality and the colour. The content has yet to win me over, though there was some good stuff there.

Surrey Uni lecturer Johnjoe McFadden's article A tweak of God's knobs was quite interesting. He's convinced that biology explains everything. Chatting at the weekend with Tim Silk at church we commented that the battle with God seems mostly fought in the philosphy department these days.... Science fights back.


  1. That certainly was an interesting article. The Guardian does produce a lot of good science content that's very thought provoking. It's often irritatingly biased, angry and blatently atheistic, but I think it's really important to read it and understand what they are saying and why. I really wish a lot more Christian scientists (small 's'!) would speak out and state their case.

    There was an interview with Michael Behe in it yesterday, though to be honest that wasn't very good.

    Also, this article from a couple of years ago was interesting.

  2. That's a good article. I'm always entertained by the argument: "Why are all the conditions for life just perfectly set up for us....because if they weren't we wouldn't be asking the question!"