Thursday, September 08, 2005

Don't be bible teachers

I heard something very wise today when our church minister told me that the whole way he thought about his work changed when he realised he deeply loved the people in his church.

From that moment on he ceased to be a bible teacher, but a pastor who teaches the bible. A true shepherd, a lover of his flock who wants the best for them. A man who sees people, not projects and whose love drives him to serve them the best he could.

That kind of attitude reminds me more of Jesus and, sadly, less of myself. Why do I teach the bible? What is my motivation?

Let's not be bible teachers, but pastors who teach the bible.


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  1. Here, here. A couple of passages that I've found really helpful in this area are Colossians 1:28-29 and Acts 20:27-28 and the surrounding passage. Paul's desire is that the end result of his teaching will be his hearers becoming more Christlike, his reasoning to the Ephesians is clear. When we asign as much value to those we are shepherds of as Paul does, when we see them as "bought with [Jesus'] own blood", it becomes clearer.

    And what a responsibility it is to be entrusted with such precious charges. Fortunately we can struggle "with all his energy", for it would surely be impossible on our own. Notice, it is by proclaiming Christ that this will all come about.