Wednesday, August 03, 2005

What happened in Bulgaria, stays in Bulgaria

It is in the nature of much evangelistic endeavour that the more we make fools of ourselves, the more God may choose to use us. I'm not sure why but I guess its a matter of pride. There are countless photos that document some of this folly for the sake of the gospel. David Long will undoubtedly publish them but for now I must hold off.

Click to view Dave Long's Team Photo at Veliko Tornovo

In the tradition of one of the greatest films of all time we felt obliged to decree together, that "What Happened in Bulgaria, stays in Bulgaria". Whilst tales of us may not be told, let us echo the spirit of Acts 14v27 and speak loudly of what God did through us, opening doors of faith in Bulgaria. Kath and Ed and Dave will undoubtedly recount some of the stories....

That said, I'm a fallen sinful blogger so I probably wont be able to resist telling the tales, and publishing humiliating photos of myself, Kath Arnold, Lou Waddington, Matt Chen, Dancing Dave Long, Colin Tomsett, Ed Goode, Jonny Richards, Tom Riches and Anneli Van Wyk... see you all at Forum guys... [ -except Lou :( ]

Listening to: Chris Tomlin, Arriving.
(nice to have my music back!)


  1. What happened in Bulgarai, stays in Bulgaria - amen to that!! Tho I'm already starting to miss not daily making a fool out of myself... or making others make fools of themselves in the name of teaching english and narnia! *sigh* nice photos bish

  2. yeah, i know what you mean... having some time off is nice but it was great out there too.

  3. I'll second that Lou; I'm starting to miss bulgarian life. Finding it very hard to settle back into the British culture. I might have to release "God Save our Tea" to the UK Charts.

    It was fantastic seeing God work through myself and the team.

    Photos are being uploaded to (still sorting out all 1200 photos, so still uploading and sorting).