Monday, August 22, 2005

Tragedy or Comedy?

That's the question at stake in Woody Allen's film Melinda and Melinda, a kind of Sliding Doors look at life, but less saccharine and more substance. A man tells a story...
"A bunch of guys are discussing philosophy in a bar. Two writers with opposed views on life argue about it: is life tragic or comic? To illustrate their theories, they imagine a story of a woman. The comic writer presents the optimistic, bright tale of Melinda (Radha Mitchell), who just accepts life as it goes by. The tragic writer gives us a destructive, lonesome and troubled Melinda, who deals with depression and suicide..." IMDB Review
Is there a real story behind the sparse anecdote?
Is life all about tragedy? Is it all about comedy?
What is the real substance of life? Got me thinking.