Friday, August 05, 2005

Revd Leonard Payne et al (Introducing iGod)

This week's papers, and now today's BBC News have been captured by the story of Revd Leonard Payne, of Wrentham Suffolk who is podcasting his sermons...
But online, audio sermons are not new news.... try these for size..

Arborfield & Barkham (Various, my church)
Guildford Baptist Church (Ian Stackhouse)
Bethlehem Baptist Church (John Piper) [link fixed]
Capitol Hill Baptist (Mark Dever)
Covenant Life, Gaithersburg (Joshua Harris et al)
All Souls Langham Place (Paul Williams, John Stott etc)
Christ Church Liverpool (Andrew Evans etc)
Moorlands Evangelical, Lancaster (Danny Rurlander)
Cranleigh Baptist Church (Orlando Saer)
St Ebbes Oxford (Vaughan Roberts etc)
Southampton Christian Union (Various)
Bristol Christian Union (Various)
UCCF Forum 2003 (Nigel Lee on 1 John)
UCCF Bethinking (Various)
UCCF North East Rock Solid (Hugh Palmer on 2 Peter)

And there are many more out there... discernment obviously necessary - just because you can download it doesn't mean its true.