Monday, August 08, 2005

On Art

iMonk is on form again.... A Letter To Andrew and Other Young Artists Injured By The Church

My last mailout from our office confirmed that Christian Artists will be exhibiting at our UCCF national student leaders conference, Forum, this September. Given our Director, Richard Cunningham's, great endorsement of Art as something to explore as a Christian, and the great work that our Arts Staff, Esther and Aly, have been doing this is good news. I look forward to seeing it.

Previous Art articles:
Simeon Lumgair

Christian Art really doesn't mean beautiful sunsets with bible verses written on. Such tranquility in a sinful world is a lie. Create Art that explores the real world, honestly. Create Art that shows creativity. Go create! If you have the gift use it! And whatever you do, do it to the glory of God. Do it in the name of Jesus.

Much as I consider full-time gospel-ministry (such as my work) to be important, we are merely tools to support and facilitate the really important stuff. My work ought to be about equipping the saints for ministry, so that the students I work with become true Christian Historians, Speech Therapists, Engineers, Academics, Artists and the like. People who work for the glory of Jesus Christ in their given field as well as witnessing about Him.