Thursday, August 25, 2005

My ears are ringing...

This afternoon on the train back from Guildford I started taking a look at Mark 4. Its a very familiar passage, and I'm preaching on it at Warwick CU in a couple of months...

What struck me straight away was that Jesus says a lot in this chapter. My unfortunate Jesus-words-in-red Bible highlighting this for me. And he said... And he said... And he said... The great King who has authority over demons and disease, and the divine work of forgiveness seems to be exerting his rule by his word. Some have ears to hear, and will find forgiveness... others do not and will not. They may hear at first but ultimately they will not live under the rule of his word.... Normally this passage is taught as evangelism training... but I think perhaps we miss as step when we do that. First, as Jesus himself says.... we have to listen!

Meanwhile, we're just in from seeing WireJesus, My Luminaries and Pure Reason Revolution with FunkyPancake. My ears are still ringing. I have ears to hear, but actually can't hear very well at the moment... quite something to be able to really feel sound as the air is propelled towards you. FunkyPancake insisted on taking a photo of us with Andrew, the drummer from Pure Reason Revolution, cos they're friends. Fame... oooo.

Meanwhile as John MacArthur guest-blogs for Phil Johnson and Justin Taylor wonders whether John Piper could guest for him.... I'm trying to recruit someone to guest-blog for me in the coming weeks cos I'll not have access to the net. I suspect he will say no... but it can't hurt to try.

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