Tuesday, August 09, 2005


We've been to Leicester. Famous for.... Curry? Gary Lineker? The UCCF Office?
Leicester. Home to a number of our friends. It was great to see Reading Graduates Rach and Tom, fellow staff Stanton and James, and also Oliver & Daisy. Real fellowship and friendship, spending time in the company of fellow believers. Always challenging. Always encouraging.

I met Oliver & Daisy a few years ago when they were my hosts during a conference. They showed so much interest in me, my life and my work. And they are so full of wisdom and experience. Its great to sit for a couple of hours a year at their feet. Finally this time Em was able to come with me. I consider it one of the great blessings of being part of the church - to be united with those who are much older and wiser than I am. True wisdom comes from fear of God, from knowing Jesus, not just age - but they have the benefits of both.

Getting to know Oliver & Daisy, and also Bill & Shirley has been something I will always be grateful for. They walk some sixty years ahead of us and are great examples of people who have not wasted their lives, but rather thrown them into the service of what matters most, Jesus. And I hope and pray that if I'm given as many years as they have been that I could have their strength of faith and enduring love in marriage.

As we left Leicester it was slightly scary to pop into the office and see that picture of me and the Reading guys on the wall. I guess it'll be there for some time.