Friday, August 26, 2005

The Extermination of the European Wasps


They've been nesting in the wall of our house.
Big, fat, ugly European Wasps.
And now they've been exterminated.


  1. You mean something God made is ugly?! :-0 :-p

    Well, it's possible. I saw a very ugly frog at West Midlands Safari Park.

    RIP wasps

  2. "For ever since man declined from his high original, it became necessary that the world should gradually degenerate from its nature. We must come to this conclusion respecting the existence of fleas, caterpillars, and other noxious insects. In all these, I say, there is some deformity of the world, which ought by no means to be regarded as in the order of nature, since it proceeds rather from the sin of man than from the hand of God. Truly these things were created by God, but by God as an avenger."
    (John Calvin on Genesis 2:2)

    And although my initial reaction is just to smile, in the end I have to agree with him.

    Ahhh... Theology gets everywhere if you let it.

  3. Yeah, well these things had the potential to kill my wife... so whilst they can happily enjoy other parts of the universe i'd really prefer they didn't inhabit my house...

  4. glad to hear the removal went successfully. did you keep any as a momento ?

  5. That could have been a plan... but sadly no.