Monday, August 22, 2005

Did I Kiss Marriage Goodbye?

A few months ago the lovely people at Christ Church Newport sent me some free books. Including:

I was busy at the time so they were swiftly filed on my to-read-soon pile of books. And I confess until now I'd barely looked at them. Then, the other day Carolyn McCulley dropped into the blog and commented... and I was reminded of what lay on my bookcase.

So, this morning I opened up Did I Kiss Marriage Goodbye?. The foreword by Joshua Harris was encouraging - someone in my kind of position, youngly married male... I've not read too far yet but this looks like a really useful book on singleness by an excellent writer. The church is need of really good teaching on this subject. Too many Christians, and non-Christians for that matter, seem to view being single as being deficient. Now, marriage is great, but its not the solution to sin, or struggle in life. We're complete people in Christ - he is more than enough! That was true before i got married, and three years later its still true.

Further thoughts to follow when I've read more.... I'm now starting to feel like I have too many books on the go, that's not very healthy... I'd better draw a line here since that makes one Eugene Peterson, two John Owen, one Carolyn McCulley, one Ray Ortlund...

Read more about this book at Sovereign Grace Ministries.
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