Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Capturing the moment...

Thoughtful blogging will resume when I'm not so tired, and I've had a couple of weeks off work. A great 2004/5 year comes to its end now. I'm home from mission in Bulgaria, much encouraged by God's work there. I'll reflect more on that, mission, and a whole load of other stuff sometime.... Next year looms not far ahead but its not here yet.

As a team we apparently took over 3000 photos, 78 of which were mine and here are three of them: (some of the team, and Velijko Tornovo)

On the plane home I read Neil Postman's Amusing ourselves to Death... very interesting. And I got home to find that David Gibson had sent me a copy of Reclaiming the Center from his study time at Princeton... some light holiday reading!

Sola Deo Gloria