Friday, June 03, 2005

The Words We Sing

When I was a student I was a "worship leader" in our Christian Union. That was my doorway into thinking theologically. I started to wonder what it was that I was doing. My keyboard synthy sounds seemed to transfom people in front of me but was that good? What was really going on? What was I supposed to be doing?

I have found some answers and hopefully I can share some of them over the coming weeks. For now, this morning, I have questions.

When Christians gather to worship God do the words matter?
(or is it all about the music? should we raise the poetic bar? does our music express the words we're singing?)

How many of our song words would we happily use as our doctrinal statement?
(where do we find the words in the Bible? are they actually true? are our songs even coherent? and what do words like hosanna, magnify, glorify etc actually mean?)

How can our worship be used to teach each other about Christ?
(doesn't the Bible tell us to sing to each other as well as to God... how do i sing to my neighbour with my eyes shut... and who is each song even addressed to?)

How can we ensure the focus is God not us?
(so many songs are all about me aren't they...i,i,i...? if God doesn't need our praise then what is going on when we worship? how can we ensure that God looks as big as he is?)