Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Two sins

Songs for Christian Hedonists: Two Sins, by Sam Chaplin

Two sins have we committed,
Two sins that we cannot deny,
We've turned from you, the fount of living water
And have tried to drink from cisterns cracked and dry
What fools we are, how blind we are!
Have mercy Lord, mercy on us. Forgive us Lord and help us see.
Change our hearts that we might live
For you O Lord, for you, O Lord, always
Two sins have we committed,
Two sins are plain before your eyes
We've walked away from the truth that brings us freedom
And have settled for those sweet enslaving lies

Two sins have we committed,
Two sins at which you stand appalled/
We'veturned from you, our glorious Creator
And have worshipped things that are no gods at all.

© Sam Chaplin, 1999.
Jeremiah 2v12-13, Romans 1.
Recorded on Sam Chaplin: You're My Every Breath, 2001

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  1. If you want to hear some great Christ centered music, a group of people from Piper's church have an album that I cannot listen too frequently enough. The band is called Anthem, and the album is called Conspiracy Among Friends. You can find a write up on it at Independant Bands: Anthem.

    Big Chris
    Because I said so