Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Stupid Me

Somehow, when I sin my first instinct seems to be to realise how stupid I am. How ignorant of God's glory. So stupid to go elsewhere for satisfaction.

The greater tragedy is that my sin makes a mockery of God's glory. My pride is concerned that I have been a twit. Against God I sin. My heart ought to be more concerned for what I've done to God's reputation. O, how I scorn the one who came and died to give me himself.

All Sufficient Grace

Fallen again, forgot the truth.
Thought I knew better than you.
Closed my eyes, and turned away,
Made a twit out of myself.

Listened to me, and walked away.
Made a mockery of my king.
I've no defence, without excuse.
Fell for my stupid lies again.

Can grace extend, to cover me?
Mercy for this foolish wretch.
I run to you, the perfect one.
By your death gave me yourself.

Been so blind, been so lost,
Yet you found me and now I see.
Been so wrong, been so proud,
Humbled to meet life's true delight.

Let the world see, you rescued me.
In you I stand unashamed.
No greater joy, than knowing you.
To share eternal life in God.

My only hope, is your grace.
All sufficient for my soul.
My only plea, is Jesus Christ.
Who reigns supreme forevermore.

© Dave Bish, 2005


  1. You mean your first reaction isn't to compound your sin by trying to find someone else to blame it on? I find I do that sometimes, and see others do it all too frequently.

    Big Chris

    Because I said so

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  3. oops! Let me try again...

    Yes, I am right there with you! I don't know how many times I have said to myself, "You idiot!" My default mode to be man-centered in my "grief" over sin (e.g. "I'm such a twit/idiot/fool/etc") rather than God-centered. But praise be to God that His/our Christ has offered Him a vicarious repentance! Christ vicariously repented for us (perfectly vicariously confessing, "Against You and You only have I sinned...") so that our very weak and severely self-tainted repentance would be accepted.

    Thanks for the great reminder(!!):

    "My only hope, is your grace.
    All sufficient for my soul.
    My only plea, is Jesus Christ.
    Who reigns supreme forevermore."

    Great text!


  4. Hurray, my wife thinks she has a tune for this song. Though she wants me to modify the "twit" in the first verse...