Thursday, June 16, 2005

Study Bibles

I'm not really a fan of study Bibles, largely cos I'd rather just have the Bible text in front of me, and then turn to commentaries as and when. My impression is that a lot of the added-notes in Study Bibles is poor quality stuff that rushes into application which just isn't there.

That said, the new ESV Reformation Study Bible looks a good bet if you want one. There's a good team of pastor-scholars writing the study notes alongside a really good translation. This might be the resource that wins me over...

Update: My TruGlo ESV no longer smells quite so rancid (its the rubber cover). I'm loving using it, but the "Jesus-Word's-In-Red" is a very annoying feature. Still, big thanks to ESV Blog for it, it is by a mile the most trendy Bible I've ever owned and my friends seem to love it.