Monday, June 20, 2005

Song of Songs

I'm working my way through the Sex & The Supremacy of Christ videos.
Here's a couple of really good resources on Song of Songs.

Andrew Jones on The Joy of Sex (BT briefing)
Note that this isn't Andrew Jones the TallSkinnyKiwi, but Andrew Jones of Grace Church Hackney.

CJ Mahaney on Sex, Romace and the Glory of God (video)
CJ Mahaney is well worth watching and listening to on this, and many other things. CJ is director of Sovereign Grace Ministries and former pastor of Covenant Life Church.

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  1. I got to meet CJ Mahaney earlier this year when he came to Minneapolis and spoke at a pre-conference seminar put on by CBMW. He spoke (following Dr. Wayne Grudem) and was astounding. His reverence, passion, excitement, and fear for the Lord was so inspiring. I have a DVD of that day, and cannot watch it enough. I only wish I could preach half as good as he does. Powerful stuff.

    Big Chris

    Because I said so