Thursday, June 30, 2005

Million Dollar Baby

Last night we watched Million Dollar Baby. It's beautifully filmed and superbly acted by Hilary Swank, Morgan Freeman & Clint Eastwood. A tragic story about achievement, ambition, forgiveness and life (and not really about boxing). Well worth its four oscar (best Director, Film, Lead Actress, Supporting Actor) - even though it left Eternal Sunshine with just one (Screenplay).

Top films seen this year then: (in no particular order, yet) The Village, Garden State, Enduring Love, Million Dollar Baby, Closer, Collateral, Hitchhikers, Batman Begins, The Interpreter...

Most of which are really last years films. Halfway through the year I'm not very optimistic of much improvement.


  1. Hehe..have u noticed whats in the background of you picture...? Rather emblematic wouldnt you say? nice!

  2. yeah... thought that was quite poignant.

  3. Hi Dave.

    Surprised to see 'Closer' on your list. Not seen it myself but heard a lot of reviews. If you were to recommend it to me, on what basis would you do so?

    Cheers again - I love reading this blog!

    Andy Moore
    mercy loving criminal

  4. Closer - I think it's an interesting film for the characters it portrays - though all four are unlikeable.

    It's different to other love story type films because it only shows the end/beginning of relationships.

    Its also kinda unpleasant in a few places, but if you can get past that its a well made exploration of love, identity, intimacy, forgiveness and morality. Reminds me of the hollow futility of Christ-less life.

    Louise Crook's review at Damaris quiet helpful:

  5. On your film recommendations, I have seen Closer and would be concerned recommending it. Is it interesting ? Yes. Is it enticing? Yes - it appeals to our flesh no doubt. Is it a good way to spend 2 hours - I think not. It is not a question of black a white...but good, better, best. I was struck by what a "pleasing" movie it was to see. But watching 4 people grapple with the "muck" of sinful human desire and existence and then emerge with no solutions is hardly the best way to spend my time.