Monday, June 06, 2005

Looking for a Loophole?

At last week's Reading Christian Union meeting the question of "Can you lose your salvation?" was raised. We were studying Hebrews 10.

What can we say about such questions? My feeling is that the question comes either out of doubt - in which case assurance is sought (and can be found). Or the question rises out of the same mentality that asks "How far can I go?" with regard to holiness. In the second case the question is seeking a loophole. How unfaithful to Jesus can I deliberately be... and get away with it?

Our speaker Andrew Waugh helpfully said that if there is a line it is the kind of thing you have to go and look hard to find. You don't stumble over it accidentally. The antidote would seem to be: look to Jesus.

When my attention is on Christ I have no desire or need to be asking about whether I could lose him. I see only him. Likewise when it comes to holiness. If Christ fills my vision then why should I be seeking to get away with sin. Sin has no appeal compared to Christ.

Michael Spencer said recently over several posts that we may need less of much of our theological questions, and more of Jesus.

More of Jesus in all our theology would simplify many of our questions. More of Jesus will show us how empty our sought after loopholes are. More of Jesus in all our theology would add life. More Jesus in our theology ensures worshipful application.

Rob Wilkerson talks about Gospelisation of our approach to the Bible. Always turning to Jesus. Let everything point to Jesus. Where else could we want to set our gaze?