Friday, June 24, 2005

Four, Five, Six... Listen to the good news!

Four Spiritual Laws. Five Points. Six Pictures. We love to summarise the gospel. To some degree we need to be able to do so. Perhaps our summaries don't always need to be complete. Perhaps they can't ever be complete.... without the summary being the whole Bible.

Emerging Church Blogger, Scot McKnight thinks about Jesus' kingdom and four spiritual laws...

All our so called summaries are deficient to some degree. Many are far too individualistic. Most miss enough of the glory of Christ. McKnight, if I understand him, worries that we don't start with Jesus. Ultimately the gospel centres upon the person of Jesus. I'm not sure I understand what McKnight is saying about the place of scripture and church in this. My slight concern is that he's committing a red letters error and pitting Jesus against Paul and others.

Two summaries are find quite refreshing are John Piper's Quest for Joy, for its focus on glory and joy. Too many summaries are just cold. I think Two Ways to Live is good, but it's more of an appeal to avoid hell than to come and know and enjoy Jesus. Jesus is the core content of the good news.

I also find The Crowded House' The World We All Want, which is more of a course than a summary - but one that truly captures something of the community element of becoming a Christian. They pursue a Bible overview starting at the end with God's perfect world, full of people who know Jesus, and then works back.

Some one is bound to throw a question at me the eleven point uccf doctrinal basis. The basic point to make there is that it's not an evangelistic tract but a statement of Christian Unity for the guarding of God's glorious gospel. (And, yes on that page it is currently me and my students in the picture)