Sunday, May 08, 2005

Warnie Winner!

C'mon! I just won a Warnie! This is a great honour.

It appears to have immediately brought in more traffic to the blog so here's hoping that I remain humble and useful to those who pass by on their way through the blogosphere.

In many ways this blog, and as a whole is about helping me air my thoughts because that helps me to think clearer, but with that airing comes great responsibility since people read my thoughts. May this blog remain a place where God looks big.

Here's what Adrian says...
"Written by a fellow reformed charismatic and admirer of men like Piper and Mahaney how can I resist this blog? Add some fantastic potential song lyrics and a love for preaching and the ESV and the deal is done!" Adrian Warnock

May my thinking and my living remain God-centred and joyful. Thanks go to Rich Carding, for keeping me healthy as we walk around London, and to Arborfield who are a great fellowship to be part of.

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