Thursday, May 19, 2005

Treasure in Heaven

Anxiety is folly
It cannot change the world
Life is more than money
And everyone grows old
Treasure is the map that
Shows the hearts desire
What you own will own you
Invest in God alone

Awake and be ready
Watching for his coming
When we serves a banquet
To satisfy your soul
Much will be required
Of those who have had much
Interpret the times
Settle up your account

Pain and pleasure will come
Raising many questions
But you turn from your sin
Lest you also perish
God's great joy and delight
Is to give his kingdom
Be rich toward the LORD
And reap eternal joy

My Treasure's in Heaven,
With my God forever!
My Treasure is Heaven -
With my God forever!

© Dave Bish, 2005. Luke 12v13-13v21.