Friday, May 27, 2005

Las comparaciones son odiosas

Every year about 60 graduates commit to a year of Discipleship Training in a Student context - we call the programme Relay. In 2000 I did this programme, as did Em. A few years ago we were able to introduce a variant on the programme called Relay Homestart which allows Relay's to take an extra 1-2 years serving with an IFES student movement somewhere in the world... and there are people doing that in several countries today.

One of them is an ex-Reading student who I worked with a lot when she was CU Evangelism Secretary. Jo did Relay in Southampton last year and is now in Barcelona. On June 2nd she'll be visiting Reading University Christian Union. We visited Jo in Spain at Easter this year and it was an inspiring and very humbling experience. Reading students don't miss this opportunity to hear some of what has been happening as Jo takes the good news of grace to Spain.