Saturday, May 21, 2005

It's not about the music!

Just listened to The Role of Music in Worshipping God by Bob Kauflin from Covenant Life Church. Some excellent teaching on the issue that cn so often divide the church: music.

More great worship resources at Sovereign Grace Music


  1. That's good... a very wise biblical perspective on worship music styles...

  2. Music was a factor in the only schism our little chapel's had in living memory, when two fairly highly strung evangelically types ran off to join a big chorus-loving congregation. It's amazing how much this 'issue' can excercise people in the Church, I suppose the emotionally affecting nature of much of it will contribute to that...

  3. Thanks for the link Dave. I loved listening to it and posted about it.

  4. Found myself immediately convicted this morning about this - our church is blessed with a variety of styles and musicians... and so when we sang slightly more chorally than normal today I was able to look to God and delight in the variety of music that he gives, even if that music isn't quite my kinda music.... :)

    Our God is worth singing about. And singing to each other about!

  5. They have a lot of good resources there. I've been a fan for a while, and try to check something new out off thier web site every month.

    Welcome to the Glorious Gospel group as well!

    Big Chris (MrCLM)