Sunday, May 01, 2005


Just home from seeing Hitchhikers, it's been a good 15-17 years since I read the books which I remember loving. The film is obviously different but I thought it was pretty good. certainly the best fun I've had watching a film this year. Alan Rickman does depressed so well (think the falling sheriff of nottingham), probably steals it for me. Bill Nighy doing Bill Nighy is always great, and for me it just kind of worked. Just the right combination of cool effects and cheap sets.

Time for an update on my tops films seen this year. Last update was on March 6th, now 1/3 of the way through the year there was been mild improvement. So, this is how things stand. If positions 5-10 were replaced by better films by the end of the year, that'd be nice!

1. Enduring Love (New Entry) - still angry we couldn't see it last year
2. The Village (1)
3. The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy (New Entry) - quirkily entertaining
4. Collateral (2)
5. The Interpreter (New Entry) - a decent thriller
6. Code 46 (3)
7. Sahara (New Entry) - brainless fun, i used to love the books
8. The Aviator (4)
9. National Treasure (5)
10. Oceans 12 (6) - it'll be gone soon!


  1. Nice one - H2G2 was a nicely quirky, very British sci fi (my 'christian flavour' review will run in the Baptist Times this week).
    Saw a film this weekend that is unlikely to trouble your top ten - unless you do a worst 10 of the year... xXx 2... oh dear!!
    Review now up on my blog.

  2. Having had the misfortune to see the first xXx i fully intend to avoid the sequel. Tragic.

    My wife hadn't read Hitchhikers and very much appreciated the film - suddenly lots of the bits that have become part of popular culture make sense...

    I guess I must go and re-read the books again sometime.

  3. Listen to the radio series... I haven't seen the film (but intend to), but i've seen the TV series, read the books and heard the radio series, and I think it workds best as a radio series out of those three... it was originally written as radio after all...

    Looking forward to seeing the film...