Tuesday, May 17, 2005


Today I am 26 years old.
Sixteen seems a long time ago. In the last ten years, in no particular order I've done these 26 things (You'll be able to tell I was clutching at straws at various points hopefully due to lack of memory rather than lack of events):
1. I passed my driving test at the first attempt
2. I've made friends in several continents
3. I've experienced the death of my Grandfather and realised death is big
4. I've been in a student band, for a while and recorded a few tracks over 24 hours in a church building
5. I became a Christian and discovered the abundant grace and infinite beauty of God
6. I've been to six countries in mainland Europe (but still never left Europe)
7. I finally beat my Dad at Chess, and we've not played since (nine years and counting)
8. I decided I do like drinking coffee after all - strong, black and filtered.
9. I've lived for two years as a upaid volunteer
10. I have passed 4 A-Levels, and still don't know how or why one of them was Chemistry
11. I got a BSc(hons) Mathematics from the University of Bath and discovered that it was the best Math's degree in the country that year, which ups the value of my 3rd!
12. I got married!
13. I've been a member of four churches and visited many more
14. I've walked out on work-experience on the second morning
15. I've run a website for nearly three years - with three other people I've only once been in the same room as - welcome to the global village
16. I've made a twit of myself several times as a "Christian leader", but been given second chance after second chance
17. I've made my home in nine houses in one village, one town and one city
18. I've stewarded and been a speaker at Spring Harvest
19. I've worked as a Web Designer for a now defunct dotcom developing video-cv technology (Isero.com developing "Talking CV!")
20. I've had breakfast with Don Carson
21. I've spent 36 hours in Warszawa Airport on my own waiting for a flight, the depressing bit is when you see the plane you want go a day before yours.
22. I've developed a love of good films, IMHO
23. I've worked for Natwest as Customer Service Officer
24. I've worked as a Bible Teacher with students from several Univerities & Colleges
25. I've read most of John Piper's books but only a few of Jonathan Edwards'
26. And I've now reached the age my mother was when I was born, six weeks early, on May 17th 1979.

In the next decade may I increasingly be prepared to answer Howard Guinness' call: "Where are those who will lose their lives for Christ’s sake – flinging them away for love of Him?"