Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Tesco Ergo Sum?

Met with Sam, Paul and Charl for our apologetics training session in Surrey today. This week tackling the title of: Get Rich, Be Happy?. Looking at how to share the gospel by talking about money. Someone has counted up that 15% of what Jesus said concerned money, and there's plenty more beyond the gospels too.

We talked about the state of life in the UK and the student scene when it comes to money. Average adult debt is now £4000 and students are in more debt than they care to think about. Yet still we strive for more treasure now.

Countering that we explored Jesus words, firstly in Luke 12v13-31 speaking into a dispute over inheritance that the real need is to get rich towards God. Secondly, Jesus words that advise us to invest well, from Matthew 6v19-21. And that the best investment is in that which lasts for eternity, not in things that rot and rust. Our choice of investment declaring the location of our heart. Finally we looked at Matthew 13v44 where Jesus tells of the joy of finding the kingdom of heaven, and how it is worth selling everything to attain. Let us not be so easily satisfied, as Lewis warned us. Let us invest in that which is of true value, namely Christ. And as we invest in him he will be see to be truly valuable. He is the greatest treasure of all, and investing elsewhere is both offensive to him and futile if our desire is happiness.

I think Tony Watkins from coined Tesco Ergo Sum - I shop therefore I am.. Notes from the apologetics course on: Suffering, Being Good, One Way to God and Money will go online sometime soon I hope. Cat has put some of them up at