Sunday, April 10, 2005

Nothing to read?

Of the writing of many books there is no end. Wandering around a Christian-bookshop or on Amazon there is so much to choose from, where to start... Here's some of my all time must-reads by Authors. Being in Spain challenged me to read more of the Bible, seeing workers who only really have the Bible makes you realise what you have. I strongly recommend getting a copy of the English Standard Version (ESV) which is a modern literal translation of the Bible. Nothing beats reading an accurate translation of the Bible. Alongside that its good to sit in the company of teachers and other wise believers.

John Piper
Piper is Jonathan Edwards for the 20th/21st Century. Everything he writes proclaims Christian Hedonism - promoting the joy of all peoples in the glory of God. Be warned that Piper is always provocative and not always easy to read but nonetheless worth it. He's written over 20 books covering a range of angles applying Christian Hedonism. I suggest you start with The Pleasures of God. I've really valued his biographies recently particularly The Roots of Endurance.
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Sam Storms
Storms is a charismatic theologian based in Kansas who was influenced by John Piper in the mid-eighties. He too writes Christian Hedonism and his book One Thing is probably the best introduction to that way of thinking.
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CJ Mahaney
CJ heads up the charismatic/reformed Sovereign Grace Ministries. A pastor for over twenty years he writes short punchy books about the centrality of the gospel. Look out for The Cross Centred Life.
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Vaughan Roberts
Vaughan is Rector of St.Ebbes Church in Oxford. A regular speaker at the Spring Harvest Word Alive student conference Vaughan is an expert at Bible Overviews. He's written five books of which the last three are adapted from his Word Alive series. These books are very clearly written and have short Bible studies at the end of each chapter. This is a great way into reading the Bible in view of the whole story. Look out for Life's Big Questions.
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Joshua Harris
Josh Harris' books are bestsellers. He's most known for his books on dating and relationships but now having taken over from CJ Mahaney as pastor of Covenant Life Church, Gaithersburg he's written a superb short book on church. Very highly recommened - Stop Dating The Church
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Wayne Grudem
I'm more a fan of Biblical Theology than of Systematic Theology as a discipline but for a warm devotional way into systematics I'm not sure you can do better than Grudem's Systematic Theology. A good alternative is Jeff Purswell's abridged version called Bible Doctrine.
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There are of course many other good authors around but these six should give you enough to get started with next time you're browsing the shelves.


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  2. Can I be really cheeky and flag up a remarkable book, a story, I'm reading at the moment? It's written by Nick Cave, who also wrote an introduction to the gospel of St Mark (you see, there is a link!) And his ass saw the angel is steeped in biblical immagery, and has a stunningly rich mythological line running through. It's everywhere. I'm only a quater in, and am well impressed, it bears very favourable comparison with Margret Atwood's dark tales. Someone, anyone, get this and start reading...

  3. I have to say, Josh Harris is fantastic!! I love his books and his style of writing... they portray a clear image that he is trying to get across...its great!

    I have yet to read any John Piper books..but I shall in due time :-)

  4. Come on Cat... you have at least one Piper book. :)

    Come, glorify God by enjoying him!