Friday, April 22, 2005

Electricity shall be passed through your body...until you are awake

5.45am yesterday I got up and went to the Bathroom. I found a minor flood on the bathroom floor (as yet still unexplained), and then went to wash my hands only to discover that our lovely metal bathroom taps had become electrified! I, at this point, was standing in a pool of water just to make things more fun...

Let me tell you, this is one very effective way to wake yourself up in the morning! It's also rather scary when you're only semi-conscious at the time because you'd really rather be asleep.

Our landlady was profusely sorry, though its blatently not her fault - something had gone wrong in the immersion heater which is now fixed. Never had any problems with the house before... doing it in style!

Singing Matt Redman's Job-inspired song... "Blessed be your name" at Surrey in the evening was refreshing in the light of this.... Lord, I'm alive. Thank you. At the meeting Rachel spoke on 1 John 1v1-2v17 - on the marks of true disciples which was good to hear. I'm doing the next part in the series on 2v18-3v24 which has some very hard teaching in it.