Sunday, April 24, 2005

Does God look big in your preaching?

Around the bits of the blogosphere I'm browsing I'm seeing many articles on preaching and on the ESV (e.g. The ESV vs. Dumbing Down or various posts from Adrian Warnock). This is very encouraging. I've touched both themes myself in the last few months.

I'd particularly recommend John Piper's The Supremacy of God in Preaching, to anyone seeking to dig for diamonds instead of simply raking up leaves in their preaching. It's a great book for anyone involved in any kind of word ministry.

Piper draws us into the text to meet with God. He reminds us that we come only through the cross of Christ to the word of God. And he directs us to rub people's noses in the text, that they would come to savour Christ all the more.

Then, our preaching may become less concerned with self-help and self-interest. Then we might become more concerned with making God look big by way of the gospel. Then our preaching might become an act of Christ-exalting worship! As we gather before God to hear, by the Spirit, through a preacher, from the Bible.

It's a joy and a priviledge to be part of the church preaching team. Its something I feel pretty inadequate for and not something I ever imagined doing a few years ago. Now, taking that place in the body I want to direct people not to see me, but to see Christ. And, in my preparation for preaching I want to keep asking the question: Dave, does God look big in your preaching?