Friday, March 11, 2005


An achievement today, with Tim (CU Cell Coordinator)! We worked out the Reading University CU cell group programme for the summer term.

Following our rough pattern of Gospels (Term 1), New Testament Letters (Term 2), Old Testament (Term 3) we've studied Matthew 3-8 and Philippians this year, next we move to:

Jonah - God's Outrageous Grace: Salvation belongs to the Lord.
Ruth - God's Sovereign Grace: God's kindness includes sinners.

Week 1. Social / Evangelistic
Week 2. Jonah 1v1-16
Week 3. Jonah 1v17-3v4
Week 4. Jonah 3v5-10
Week 5. Jonah 4v1-11
Week 6. Social / Evangelistic
Week 7. Ruth 1
Week 8. Ruth 2
Week 9. Ruth 3
Week 10. Ruth 4

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  1. Jonah's a great story... I had to cover it in an interactive twenty minutes with 15 year olds last summer... wish I could have had a few hours, there's so much to say and learn...