Friday, February 18, 2005

God rules!

Phil just asked me to sum up my week in two words: God rules.

1. God rules:
As in, God rocks and is doing great stuff in peoples lives. This week is the CU events week at Reading University, life. A week of events, cold-contact and generally inviting people to investigate the claims of Jesus for themselves. Its been great to have a team with us, mostly made up of Relay workers and Reading graduates plus a few other gifted people. Great to see many people making new commitments or recommitments to find their treasure in Christ and live under his rule.

2. God rules:
As in, God is sovereign over all things. Last night was the AGM at Surrey CU and Jon Hobbs spoke on Daniel 4 & 5 to complete the first part of their series in Daniel. IT was great to have the gospel preached to us and be painfully confronted with God's rule. As Jon pointed out repetition often indicates what the main point of a passage is, and in Daniel 4v17, 25 and 32 we find:

"the Most High is sovereign over the kingdoms of men and gives them to anyone he wishes" the proud king of the known world, Nebuchadezzar, is humbled. Later, and the contrast between chapters 4 and 5 highlights the message. We find Nebuchadnezzar's son Belshazzar refusing to humble himself in the middle of his insolent and arrogant idolatry. Belshazzar faces destruction, Nebuchadnezzar finds life as he finds that God rules.

It's been a joy to hear the gospel preached time and again, in Reading and in Guildford. To be reminded that I cannot continue in my selfishness and sin. To see that I have nothing but my sin to bring to God. To see that I deserve nothing but God's judgement for my rebellion. And to see, above all else, that his mercy and grace is sufficient for me.