Sunday, January 16, 2005

Simeon Lumgair

Following up on my thoughts on Christian protests at Jerry Springer, let me suggest an alternative strategy... I conceed it may be necesary to take a stand on things, for the good of humanity (since sin damages people and God's ways are what we're made for) but there must be a more positive approach.

And here is the mind-blowingly obvious solution... Christians in the media, Christians in the arts, Christians in academic... People who will stand in the midst of the world holding a Christian worldview and engaging thoroughly with the world around them. Christians who will get in the middle of the things for the long term and produce the best quality films, drama, documentaries, literature, art, design etc... this is no quick fix and will take time but it's time to make a start!

This wont be my field but there are people who will be able to get in for the distance. The same applies to the sciences and politics etc. All the above is one of the key reasons I believe in student ministry.

How do we get there? Firstly students need to be encouraged to get into studying their subject well, to understanding thoroughly a Christian worldview and also the worldview that the discipline being studied presents. Undoubtedly those worlds will collide and Christian students need to be able to handle that collision with care, creativity and integrity. Mere polemics will not be sufficient, its time to be far more positive.

Those who know the creator have the greatest mandate for creativity and careful study of creation. Sadly for too long those who care most about the Ceator's good news have scorned the arts and engagement with the world out of fear. This has left us with an etherial evangelicalism which exists in the sunday service but knows little of monday morning.

This is a matter of having Jesus Christ seen for the beautiful and wonderful King of all that he is. This is a matter of communicating the creator's story in the heart of the culture.

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