Monday, January 03, 2005

Seeing the big story....

Just finished the first update of for 2005, with new articles on Jesus' temptation, Prayer and several new books profiled.

Its about two and a half years since I joined the project and it's great to see it still growing and going strong. It fits with my big passion (see previous blog post) to get people into the big story of Jesus, the story of God-people-and-place as Charlie Peacock calls it. Or the story of God's People, in God's Place, under God's rule and blessing to borrow from Graeme Goldsworthy and Vaughan Roberts.

Bible Overviews which are designed to get people into this big story are the highlight and distinguishing feature of the Spring Harvest Word Alive Students week, and something that we all need to get into. Word Alive is once a year, so the best bet is to get into some good books to help along the way. My big recommended reading at an entry level on this would be Vaughan Roberts Bible Overview books - God's Big Picture and Life's Big Questions, both from IVP. Vaughan writes very readably and each chapter ends with a Bible study making this ideal material to study with a friend. GBP looks at the big story chronologically, and LBQ traces six major themes through the whole Bible.

Beyond that Charlie Peacock's book New Way to be Human is introduction though like Goldsworthy's books it will leave you asking how this works out in how we actually handle the Bible. In terms of what it looks like to consider things in view of the big story, I've found David Peterson's Christ & His People very clear - as he deals with applying Isaiah 6-12 from a Christian perspective as are the Apollos New Studies in Biblical Theology (NSBT), and of course is specifically designed to get Biblical Theology into practical Bible reading and preaching.

Only when we start to view things from the angle of the big story will life make sense in the way that it was always intended to.


  1. I had a brief look at the website and im pretty impressed! Did you make it?

    What tools/software do you use to make your websites and do you have any others?

  2. Hey Cat,

    Yeah I designed the site and maintain it. I run it with three others guys (who are in Nottingham, Aberdeen and Sydney). A bit of a global project - we've only ever once been in the same room...

    Softwarewise, I use Photoshop and Notepad/WordPad.

    Do look into the site more, some of the stuff is quite academic but the "Biblical Theology Briefing" papers are intentionally practical for bible study as well as preaching.

  3. Cat,
    The only sites I run are: (including this blog) and

    I did some of the coding on last summer and I used to run the Bath CU website when I was a student - but what is there now is five years down the line from my work... strangely the odd bit of content remains from back then...

    Way back in 1997-99 I used to run a Delirious website - I needed content to practice designing, but that disappeared years ago, largely cos I got bored with it and people like Dave Wood clearly had the time and inclination to be bothered with keeping up to date more than me so I dropped it about six years ago.

    So basically it's just really, with all my talks, studies, articles, musings etc up online....