Friday, January 21, 2005

The Secularist Agenda

From Mr Andrew Armitage

Sir, Does the justifiable concern of David Bell about Islamic schools (report, January 18) not strengthen the case for an entirely secular school system in which religions are taught about rather than taught? Children should learn about the role religions have played in the lives of peoples, but should not be expected to take part in any indoctrination or rituals.

All schools should be either brought into the state sector or severely scrutinised as to what they are teaching or, moreover, preaching. Religion would then be left to the private sphere of home and meeting house, sectarianism would be dealt a severe blow and harmony given a fair chance to thrive.

This from The Times on 20th January. Can someone please take note - the secularists are as religious as the rest of us... One wonders whether they would like it if we insisted that Secularism had to be a "private faith". Then we could just teach about Secularism rather than it being taught!

Christianity operates on the level of worldview, and concerns every aspect of life - truth, ethics, values, authority, education, politics... We cannot turn Jesus into a leisure pursuit, he is not a novelty or a hobby. And he's not irrelevant or out of date.

(And for Mr Armitage's information, indoctrination is Education... either we indoctrinate people with Secularism, or Christianity, or something else... there isn't a neutral option. Everyone has "doctrine", the question is whether it is good doctrine or bad doctrine.)